Overdress Rather Than Underdress

There is no such thing as Casual Friday.

What is Casual Friday? A reward for people whom dressing well is a burden,” says Steven Giles. “When we take joy in our clothing, understanding its importance, to dress down is not a reasonable consideration.”

When someone mentions that you’re  “all dressed up,” that’s a compliment. Your reply should not be haughty, but gracious- a simple thank you, because your ready for whatever the day might bring.

No one is saying to wear a tuxedo to the office picnic, but rather to recognize the occasion- drinks after work, a meeting with new clients-and dress to fit it.

” If you’re the best-dressed person at a party, then you’ve done it right,” he says. ” Because at the core of being well dressed is a comfort, an ease of self, a confidence in who you are. You wear the best because you like the best. Anything else is irrelevant.”


Winston’s Haberdashery Helpful Hints!

I would like to take a moment to thank all of my loyal customers who have helped make Winston’s the number one men’s clothing resale store in Maryland. This has been a wonderful journey the past two years transitioning from furniture only, towards an upscale men’s resale clothing store. Of course, we still have fabulous one of a kind eclectic home furnishings, but the addition of the men’s clothing and accessories has really given the store a great new identity.  Since our primary advertising is YOU telling friends about the  store, we encourage you to “like ” us on Facebook as well as right a positive review on Yelp or Facebook in regards to your experience at Winston’s Haberdashery. We are a store front but we are  also online. Winston’s sells on eBay as well as furniture on Chairish giving us a global representation in the resale market.

Just a reminder.When bringing in your items for consideration, please have all clothes neatly folded and washed and or dry cleaned. Please check for holes spots and stains, especially around the collars! To offer the best to our customers we have to be selective of the items we take in! We are no longer taking pleated front pants or suits with pleated fronts. Gentlemen… there was a time and a place for pleated front pants, that time is over. We will not take J Banks or Men’s Wearhouse items. There buy 1 get three free program that they have continued for 10 years has destroyed any resale value for their clothing. Also please only bring in seasonal items. No shorts, t-shirts and sandals during winter months.

When buying clothing, furniture and accessories, we will offer you 30% of what we think we can sell your items for in the store or offer slightly more in a store credit. This business model works better for us than consignment. With consignment there are generally three markdowns in 90 days PLUS sales. What we are offering you upfront is what your item would have sold for during the last mark down period after the 50/50 split.

If you have any questions about Brands we take please refer to How it Works on our website. Thanks again for you continued support and stop by soon!

Best Wishes,





A Gentlemen Gets Dressed Up

A gentlemen takes care that he looks his best, and dresses his best, every day since he never knows when he will meet his next major client or the love of his life. He understands that good grooming-like any other aspect of the gentlemanly life- is not a matter of money. He does not have to run up the balances on his credit cards just to keep his shoes neatly shined, his sport coat brushed, and his hair neatly trimmed. Even if his wardrobe is limited, he knows that as it is carefully selected and well cared for, it can take him- and he can take it- to life’s most challenging occasions. He can be confident that as long as his closet contains a few staples, he is ready to dress and head out at a moments notice.
That after all, is part of the ultimate job as a gentlemen. When it comes to getting dressed, it is not a gentlemen’s goal to stand out from the crowd. He is confident that his intelligence, his resourcefulness, his hearty handshake, and his ready smile set him apart from all the others. His clothes, he knows, are merely there to help him along.
At Winston’s Haberdashery, as clothes help to define your style, so to does the furniture you place in your home. Working directly with interior decorators and local real estate agents, we keep the store stocked with outstanding, contemporary and mid century furniture at a fraction of retail prices. Stop in regularly because many times, we will only get in ONE of a particular item. When it goes, so the next item in line comes in, to find a new home.

See you soon,
Robert Nuscher
Owner Winston’s Haberdashery

Changing Seasons

We are changing course. Consign  Design Home is now Winston’s Haberdashery. We are still always on the hunt for fabulous contemporary and modern furniture but we are expanding into the men’s clothing and tuxedo rental business! We will be the only MEN’S ONLY Clothing Consignment store in Maryland. We will cater to the working professional, offering blazers, suits, dress shirts, shoes ties and casual apparel. We also are teaming up with Jim’s Formal Wear offering the most recent brand name tuxedos for Proms and Weddings. Just stop by and get fitted for your tuxedo and choose from over 100 designer selections for your next big event. We can generally have your tuxedo in 4-5 business days. We are now accepting consignments for spring. This means linen shirts, pants, cotton polo’s, sandals, loafers and light weight attire.

On the furniture end, we are looking for rugs with lighter brighter colors. Wicker and bamboo furniture for sun rooms and patio. Artwork with a theme of sailing and beaches. Loveseats and benches are always welcome as well as bar carts and accent chairs. We work hard to find unique and unusual pieces that you cannot find at your everyday furniture store.!!!

Look forward to seeing you soon.

Best Regards,

Robert Nuscher


Fall is a great time of year to break out the sweaters, coats and boots. We are doing great with our men’s clothing so far and are looking for new items. If you have cashmere sweaters, traditional lace up wing tip shoes, silk ties, high end jeans and button down collared shirts, please bring them by the store so we can take a look at your items. Burberry, Nordstrom, Brooks Brothers, Ike Behar, Armani, Joseph Abboud are just some of the brands we are looking for at this time. Of course we are also looking for furniture. Console tables, accent chairs, dressers side tables and coffee tables. Remember we prefer more modern and contemporary styles and brands. I like to say, “If the kids don’t want it,we probably don’t want it.” Thank you for your continued support and hope to see you soon.


All the best,

Robert Nuscher

Consignment Shopping ……. A Way of Life.

The average mark up on retail clothing and furniture is 300%. That’s right. So when you see something at  50-70% off, the retailer is still making a decent profit. In the secondary furniture and clothing market,  I tell my consignors if you can get 20-25% of what you paid for your item….. your doing well! You lose 20% when you drive that new car off the lot, you lose  50% or more when you walk out of the mall or showroom with that new jacket or sofa. If you make your weekly or monthly rounds at your favorite consignment stores, your now buying something at 50% of retail and many times much less. Your supporting the recycle, renew  way of life. The average consignment period in most stores is between 60-90 days, which means their inventory is constantly changing. Make consignment shopping a way of life. When you find new pieces of furniture or clothing , consign some items with your local consignment store. Well…….. preferably with Consign & Design Home or Fancypants Clothing Boutique. Happy Shopping!

Treasure Hunting


Treasure Hunting

Consignment shopping is a form of treasure hunting. Instead of buying new,find that unique treasure that you can call a friend and brag about how much you saved! If you have furniture that nedds a new home,bring it to us and we will assist you in uncluttering your life. Keep us in mind if you know of anyone downsizing,moving or that just wants to make a change. We make the process easy by working for YOU the consignor to get the most for your pieces. Happy shopping!